Why and how do we verify NFTs with Aftermint's No-code Dapp?

Sep 6, 2023

The question ‘why’ has always been a topic of conversation within Aftermint’s team. We’ve considered the possibility of developing various things, such as an NFT minting platform, an NFT marketplace, an NFT-to-coin system, and more — so why this particular choice?

The primary reason our team is committed to a no-code NFT verification system is because we recognize that many tools are quite challenging for individuals without coding experience to use, let alone build their own. Our aim is to ensure that even those with no coding background can create their own systems, like shop owners looking to offer in-real-life (IRL) benefits or NFT artists who want to verify their fans during IRL events.

It all began in 2022, during a time when numerous NFT projects were emerging. Some sought to expand beyond the realm of Web3 events and offer tangible real-life benefits to NFT holders. That’s when we realized the significance of a no-code Dapp builder than features PACE (as discussed in our other article).

So how do we verify NFTs?

First, when you click on “Metamask,” “Coinbase Wallet,” or “WalletConnect,” you will be asked to connect your wallet. Afterward, you will be prompted to sign in (at which point you will see the following message):


Welcome to Aftermint NFT ownership verification! Sign in to prove that you are the owner of the wallet. This request will not trigger a blockchain transaction or cost any gas fee. By signing in, you agree to Aftermint’s Terms of Service.

By signing this message you will NOT trigger a blockchain transaction or cost any gas fee. Once you clicked “sign in” or “sign”, your NFT will automatically show in the Dapp. 

That’s it!

We believe in safety

We understand that there are numerous scams in the Web3 world, which is why we aim to ensure everything is transparent and user-friendly. Some of our friends have already fallen victim to NFT theft, so we fully grasp the significance of security.

We invite you to give us a try and share your feedback. Your input is valuable to us.

Check us out at https://www.theaftermint.xyz

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