Make Web3 tokens usable in real life.

Make Web3 tokens usable in real life.

Make Web3 tokens usable in real life.

Aftermint provides a 

Web3 platform

Aftermint provides a 

Web3 platform

that features a no-code distributed app (Dapp) builder, enabling both users and service providers to easily create and manage distributed applications, seamlessly bridging the gap between real-world values and virtual assets, all without needing any coding expertise. Our platform is designed to facilitate smooth interactions* with virtual assets, effectively integrating digital and real-world economies.

or Discover!

Whether you are an NFT project creator, a merchant,
a service provider, an existing Web3 user, or new to Web3,
we cater to all of your needs.

No-code Dapp Builder

Build Dapps for
1/ NFT ownership verification
2/ Token transfer
3/ Gas-less NFT minting and airdropping

Discovery Portal

Here you can list your projects, discover projects and find memberships that you are interested in.
(Coming soon)

Our services are easy to use.
No coding is required!

We understand that not everyone is an engineer,
so we have simplified the complex aspects.
Give us a try!

Launch in seconds

Config and launch your own Dapps that work out of the box with your smart contracts. Aftermint takes care of hosting and the frontend.

Use QR code to connect

Convenient for end users. Easily accessible by your customers.

Wallets optional

Works with email and social logins. Wallets welcome but optional.

Work with standards

Work with all standard-conforming smart contracts. ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155, you name it. Supports Ethereum and Polygon now with more chains to come.

Ownership verification

Launch Dapps to verify token ownership in real life. Easily create your Web3-augmented IRL communities.

Pay with token

Conveniently accept token payments. Just ask your customer to scan a QR code. No manual typing of addresses.


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