About Us

We are a team of individuals with both extremely left-brained and extremely right-brained talents, coming together to work on the integration of Web3 and real-life applications (IRL). We are passionate about creating solutions that are accessible even to novices. We believe in the potential of Web3 to be widely adopted in real-world scenarios. 

Our Beliefs

We believe in PACE.

Pace: You can launch your Dapp in just a few seconds. (Yes, it's a recursive acronym.)
Accessibility: We make Dapps accessible to anyone; no code is required.
Creativity: We build the infrastructure for a customizable Dapp, and you bring your ideas to life.
Easiness: We support multiple wallets out of the box; no app installation is required.


Donald Szeto

Builder, Co-founder & CTO of PredictionIO, and now a Web3 native. Highly left-brained. Led PredictionIO to become the most popular open source Scala project on GitHub, helped businesses increase their revenue with AI, and then sold it to Salesforce. Wrote a book on deep learning.

Austin Yip

Composer, interdisciplinary artist, and now a front-end developer. Highly right-brained. MacDowell Fellow. Engages extensively with AI and generative arts. Works have been presented in over 30 countries/regions. Holds certificates ranging from diplomas to a PhD, all in music.