Web3 for Everyone - A Use Case of Aftermint as Hong Kong Fintech Week's Official NFT Partner

Use Case

Nov 15, 2023

At Hong Kong FinTech Week 2023, Aftermint held the distinction of being the Official NFT Partner. The event, which took place from October 30 to November 5 in 2023, welcomed over 35,000 attendees and garnered more than 5.5 million online viewers across 100+ economies [1]. Six key themes exploring global regulations, AI, sustainable finance, and the Greater Bay Area were examined alongside 300+ speakers and 540 exhibitors. Aftermint provided the infrastructure for the official NFT to be claimed, verified, and utilized throughout Hong Kong for perks and benefits, offering a seamless experience set up within only a month.

The three-part model

The entire NFT experience for visitors at Hong Kong FinTech Week 2023 comprises three main sections: 1) claiming the official NFT for free; 2) discovering perks offered by the NFT; and 3) verifying the NFT on-site.

Claim — Discover — Verify

All of the above are powered by the no-code self-served platform at Aftermint.

Claiming the NFT in just two steps, even without a crypto wallet

At Hong Kong FinTech Week 2023, our team engaged directly with visitors, whether they had experience with Web3 or not. What resonated most with us was hearing:

Do I need to install another app?

Do I need a wallet?

The idea behind offering a free NFT to visitors isn’t to complicate their lives. Instead, with Aftermint’s Dapp, it’s possible for even non-Web3 natives to claim their first NFT in just two steps — everything is web-based, no app installation is required, wallet is optional, and visitors pay absolutely no gas fee.

>> Aftermint’s NFT Claim Dapp

In Aftermint’s Claim Dapp for the official NFT of Hong Kong FinTech Week 2023, visitors could opt to claim the NFT to their own wallets or use social logins (email, Google, LinkedIn, Apple, and more) to create a self-custodial wallet (visitors had the option to export their private key within the same Dapp). Most users were able to claim the NFT within 20 seconds, after which they were redirected to the Discovery Portal, another product offered by Aftermint.

“That’s it?” said a visitor at the Aftermint Booth.

“Yes, that’s it,” answered our team.

While many visitors are surprised by how quick and easy it is to claim an NFT with Aftermint’s Dapp, we’re equally delighted to know that our company’s motto, ‘Web3 for everyone,’ isn’t just a slogan. People of different ages and backgrounds can indeed claim their very first NFT with our product.

Over the course of the two primary conference days, more than 500 visitors claimed their complimentary NFTs by scanning a QR code with their mobile phones at our booth. That averages to about 1 claim every 2 minutes!

Discovering perks from 50+ merchants with the Hong Kong FinTech Week Official NFT

>> Hong Kong FinTech Week Official NFT

The story of the Hong Kong FinTech Week Official NFT extends beyond the claiming stage. Upon claiming the NFT, visitors will be directed to our Discovery Portal — a map-based web application showcasing all associated perks offered with the NFT.

For Hong Kong FinTech Week 2023, our white label solution has been adopted. A customized map resides under the sub-domain fintechweek.hk at https://perks.fintechweek.hk/.

>> Hong Kong FinTech Week 2023 Discovery Portal

Visitors can freely navigate our Discovery Portal to find merchants where they can redeem their offers. The pins on the map represent these merchants offering perks. Clicking on a pin allows the visitor to access details about the merchant, such as category(ies), opening hours, check-ins by other NFT holders, available perks, and additional social information.

>> Hong Kong FinTech Week 2023 Discovery Portal, List View and Filters

A visitor can also opt for the ‘List View’ mode to see all the merchants or filter merchants by various categories, such as Bakery, Clothing Store, Furniture Store, Liquor Store, Night Club, and Tourist Attraction, among others.

Four days after the start of the main conference, we observed 200+ check-ins at different locations in Hong Kong. One visitor at our booth exclaimed, 'Oh my god! This is even smoother than the native map app I am using!'

Verifying the ownership of the NFT

Aftermint does not want to create excessive workload to staff members at the merchants, and that is why we have made our verification process as simple as possible.

When a visitor arrives at a merchant, they can either scan a QR code that leads to our Verification Dapp or use the QR code provided by the merchant. In both cases, Aftermint can perform real-time checks to confirm whether the visitor holds the NFT in their wallet, whether it was created by social login, or was an existing wallet app’s self-custodial (created by social login) or non-custodial.

If a visitor hasn’t logged out of their self-custodial wallet, created via their social logins, after claiming the NFT, the Hong Kong FinTech Week 2023 Official NFT will automatically appear on the Dapp. This typically occurs in just a few seconds without user interaction, much like tapping a transit payment card at gates. Our users anticipated a more complicated process, only to be pleasantly surprised by how seamless the experience was. Alternatively, the visitor can either connect their non-custodial wallet or use social login to connect to the custodial wallet.

>> Hong Kong FinTech Week 2023 Verification Dapp

We believe in PACE — Pace, Accessibility, Creativity, and Easiness

Although the three-part model (Claim — Discover — Verify) could potentially create various pain points for visitors, Aftermint has successfully streamlined the steps to be as simple as possible. This ensures that even those unfamiliar with Web3 can enjoy the entire experience.

What makes the Hong Kong FinTech Week NFT experience truly remarkable is that our engineering team doesn’t manually create the Dapp for our customers. At Aftermint, users have the ability to create their own highly customizable Dapps with diverse functions.

Aftermint, a Web3 social platform, dropped an NFT crafted by Goods of Desire exclusive to the attendees of Hong Kong FinTech Week. The NFT, minted on the Polygon PoS network, is more than just a collectible and serves as a gateway to tangible benefits across Hong Kong at a number of restaurants, bars and shops citywide.
— Polygon Labs

We aim to make Web3 accessible to everyone, and Hong Kong FinTech Week has showcased our ability to serve as the ‘gateway to tangible benefits.’ Aftermint remains committed to developing impactful products that resonate with our users.

Check us out at https://www.theaftermint.xyz

Aftermint provides a Web3 social platform that makes it easy for any service providers and organizers to promote real-world offers and events that are exclusively targeted to virtual asset holders. Virtual asset holders can easily discover these offers and their popularity on the platform.

[1]: "Hong Kong FinTech Week 2023 redefines fintech as digitalising finance and transforming real economy." FintechHK, 30 Nov. 2023, https://www.hongkong-fintech.hk/en/insights/news/news-2023/hong-kong-fintech-week-2023-redefines-fintech-as-digitalising-finance-and-transforming-real-economy/index.html.