Partnership announcement — Aftermint X Custonomy

Dec 4, 2023

Aftermint is delighted to announce a partnership with Custonomy.

“Partnering with Aftermint aligns perfectly with Custonomy’s vision of simplifying web3 experience. This collaboration brings together our no-code wallet solutions with Aftermint’s no-code Dapp platform, offering an unparalleled, frictionless experience for both Web3 developers and end-users. It’s a game-changer in making Web3 more accessible and user-friendly.” — Keith Hung, CEO and Co-founder, Custonomy.

“With Custonomy’s user-friendly wallet solutions featuring passkey and Asian social login options, Aftermint customers will be empowered to create previously unimaginable experiences.” — Donald Szeto, CEO and Co-founder, Aftermint.

Stay tuned for upcoming projects that will allow you to connect Custonomy with Aftermint.

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