Why do we believe in no-code Dapp?

Aug 23, 2023

A daily routine of working at Aftermint involves a constant battle and negotiation between the left brain and the right brain. While the left brain is highly analytical, the right brain often seeks a more creative approach. The battleground for these two brains frequently revolves around whether Aftermint should require some knowledge of coding. The left brain argues,

"Well, this is a developer's tool. They should have some understanding."

The right brain counters,

"No, let's make it plug and play, like an iPhone."

So why no-code Dapp?

The clear winner in this battle is unquestionably the right brain. In our pursuit of bridging Web3 with real life, we must consider those who lack a coding background, which, currently, constitutes the majority. Only when the majority of people can use our product without resorting to online searches for solutions can we hope to make Web3 practical for real-world applications.

What did we do to make no-code Dapp work?

We try to think about user's pain points while we were developing our tools, and we eventually came up with a simple solution.

  1. Name your Dapp

  2. Paste the NFT Smart Contract Address


It's as simple as this.

As soon as you complete the task and click the Create Dapp button, your Dapp is created and ready to use.

While there might be a lot more customization to be made, those are all OPTIONAL. This means that as long as you have your name ready and the smart contract address ready, you can have a ready-to-go Dapp.

Fast and easy, right?

Yes, because we believe in PACE.

Pace: You can launch your Dapp in just a few seconds.

Accessibility: We make Dapps accessible to anyone; no code is required.

Creativity: We build the infrastructure for a customizable Dapp, and you bring your ideas to life.

Easiness: We support multiple wallets out of the box; no app installation is required.

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