Accepting Web3 Tokens In Real Life

Aug 25, 2023

Our Belief

We believe that Web3 tokens go way beyond the virtual world (or metaverse) and can provide value in the real world. The very first step in doing so is to be able to use these tokens in real life. This is why we have built Aftermint, an easy-to-use, no-code platform that allows anyone to create apps to accept Web3 tokens as a payment method, or as a verification method in real life. Our goal is to bridge Web3 with Web2 and the real world.

What Works Now

Aftermint currently supports two use cases out of the box on Ethereum Mainnet and Goerli:

These seem to be pretty straightforward for the tech-savvy. Why are we creating apps for them?

Why Another App?

Imagine you run a membership club that is based on Web3 tokens. Your club members hold ERC-721 tokens as proof of membership, which in turn generate ERC-20 utility tokens for use on members-only merch, events, etc. Sounds familiar?

Your club members can go to your club’s website and connect their wallets to unlock a member-only section, which allows them to spend your club’s tokens on merch, and event registration.

So far so good, but what if you have a booth at Outer Edge | LA, and want to let your members buy merch with their tokens?

How about asking them to send their tokens to a receiver address? That works, but it’s slow and error-prone to enter ETH addresses manually.

How about encoding the receiver address as a QR code and asking them to scan it with a mobile wallet? That’s better. If they haven’t imported your ERC-20 token into their wallet, most wallets’ user interfaces won’t show the token as being available for transfer.

Even if that works out, you’re asking your members to input a transfer amount, which can again be error-prone.

What if you can simplify all of the above by asking your members to scan a QR code once that will set up the correct receiver address and the transfer amount, without needing to worry whether they have imported your ERC-20 tokens into their wallets?

Enter Aftermint’s token transfer app. With a few simple settings, you will have an app that you can launch on your mobile web browser, like the one below.

And this is the only QR code that you will need to ask your members to scan. No manual entry of ETH address. No manual entry of transfer amount. No need to set up their wallets before time! Very simple and easy for you to collect ERC-20 tokens as payment.

ERC-721 Ownership Verification

If you need to gate any kind of real-life/physical access with your ERC-721 tokens, Aftermint also provides a similar app for that. We’ll dive into that more in our next article.

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